The value creation of RPA

"What is the value of RPA?", this is a common question I am getting these days.

Here you can find how RPA can create value for your company:

  1. Improvement of quality: The quality will improve as the bot will do what it is told. Over and over again :)
  2. Increase of speed: A bot can execute the task much faster as a human. It is not disturbed while doing the task and just goes about it
  3. Reduction of cost: Given the faster execution and the higher quality of the task it leads to reduction of cost doing the task.
  4. Improvement of compliance: The bot will do as told, over and over again, and hence will be fully compliant all the time (if programmed properly)
  5. Standardization of processes: To program the bot all processes have to be documented which typically leads to a standardization of processes
  6. Increase of uptime: The uptime of your work will be increased because a bot can run 24/7 without a break.
  7. Increased job satisfaction: Since your employees do not have to do the mundane tasks anymore and have more time for meaningful and valuable work it will increase the satisfaction of the employees.
  8. Improved decision making: Thanks to a reduced cycle time the decision making is much faster with RPA.
  9. Scalability of functions: It is easy to scale the bots.If you suddenly get 10x of the work you do not need a big hiring process, you can scale your bots with a click.
Value creation of RPA

(Picture is credit of ATCS)

What is your  opinion? Do you see the same value creation based on RPA?