Is low-code the right technology for my project: A quick assessment

Check out this quick assessment to decide if low-code is the right way to go for you.

In my previous post I have explained, what the decision makers are if low-code or a custom made development is the right choice for your challenge.

You can try the following quick assessment to decide, if you should choose a low-code platform or go for custom development:

Low-Code Recommendation
Low: Simple screens, simple logic, Medium: calculations and processes, High: complex calculations, processes and screen flows

Short 1 - 6 months, Middle 7 - 15 months, Long > 16 months
Small <= 3 developers, Middle 4 - 6 developers, Big >= 7 developers
Small <= 150k, Medium 151k - 500k, Big >= 500k
Little to none <= 5 interfaces to integrate, Some 6 - 10 interfaces, A lot > 10 interfaces