Football Standings 0.6.1

On March 31, 2011, in Football Standings, by terencejackson

Hi Guys,

as promised, here is version 0.6.1 including the possibility to choose a fav. team and the comparison option if you want to use the plugin in a page.

The fav. team will be displayed bold in the widget.

If you want to use the plugin in a page, just use [ football-standings ] in  a page.
There are still some issues with the comparison view. As it is not possible to snychrnonize the two compared leagues.
I will have a look at it (I guess I need some AJAX here 😉 ), will (again) learn how to use AJAX and try to put it in the next version.

Also there is still a litte bug in the options. If you save them, you manually have to relaunch the site to see the changes in the options view (This is just in the view, the data is stored correctly to the database). <= I’m on it.

I hope I can bring out the next version real soon.



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