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On August 6, 2013, in Beertacker, by terencejackson

Hi Guys,

I just introduced the Beertracker. This time I want to show you all the base features which are currently available if you use the Beertracker!

1) The login screen

To use the Beertracker you first have to sign in. To sign in you have several methods.

01 - Main page


  1. If you already have signed up you can use your username and password to login
  2. You can use your facebook account to login – The Beertracker asks for the permission of your email address and to post
  3. If you don’t want to use you facebook account you can register for a free account. You’ll have to sign up with your email address as username!

2) The dashboard

The dashboard shows you some statistics and offers other usefull features for the Beertracker.

02 - Dashboard


  1. Here you see statistics about the beers you already tracked and e.g. what the currently most famous beer is (Tracked by the most people).
  2. Here you can directly enter a beer you want to lookup and add it to your profile. You will get directly to the “add beers” page.
  3. Here you can get to your profile.
  4. Here you can add beers to your profile.
  5. Here you get to the page where you can find your tracked beers as a list
  6. Here you get to the page where you can find your tracked beers on a map based on the location of the brewery.
  7. Here you can logout of the application. This button is on the same spot in the whole application.

3) My profile

On the profile page you get information about the profile you are currently signed in to the Beertracker.

03 - My profile


  1. Here you see your account information like your username and the last added beer.
  2. Here you see information about the facebook account you have assigned to your profile
  3. Here you can allow the Beertracker to post a message to facebook if you add a new beer to your profile. (If you do a mass update when you’re newly using the Beertracker it is recommended to turn the post of new messages of for this time, after that, please turn it on again 😉 )

4) Search for beers and add them to your profile

If you click on the “Add beers” button or use the quick search of the dashboard you’ll get the the page where you can add beers to your profile.

04 - Add beers


  1. Here you enter the name of the beer you want to add to your profile. You must enter at least 3 characters, otherwise nothing will be found!
  2. Here you see the result list of your entered name of the beer.
  3. With the add button you can add the beer to your profile.
  4. This is the success message if the beer was added successfuly to your account.

5) Your beers – list

If you click on the “My beers” button you’ll get a list of your tracked beers.

05 - My beers list


  1. Here you can enter a filter for the list of your beers.
  2. Here you see the filtered list of your beers.
  3. With the “minus button” you can remove a beer from your list.

5) Your beers – map

If you click on the “Beer map” button you’ll get a map of your tracked beers.

06 - My beers map

The beers are marked on the map by the location of the brewery they are brewed.

Upcoming features

Here are some ideas for upcoming features, if you have any ideas or wishes, just leave a comment or write me an email.

  • Google login
  • Quests: Quests like “The Paulaner Quest” which you solve by trinking all beers of the Paulaner brand.
  • “Find my next beer”: Based on your location find a bar which offers a beer you haven’t drunk yet

If you’re looking for a beer an cannot find it in the Beertracker, feel free to go to http://www.brewerydb.com/ (A fantastic project!!!) and add your beer there and it will appear in the Beertracker soon… 😉


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