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On July 22, 2013, in Beertacker, Beta, by terencejackson

Hi Guys,

I am looking for beta testers of my new app – the BEERTRACKER!

What is the BEERTRACKER?

With the BEERTRACKER you can track what kind of beers you have already drunk in your life. This makes it simple if you go to a bar, looking for a new kind of taste, you can just look at your BEERTRACKER, see what beers you’ve already drunk an choose the new flovour you want to try!

How can I sign up for the BEERTRACKER?

The current BEERTRACKER is available here: A better URL is coming up in the next weeks…
If you visit the page just click on register and sign up with a valid email address and a password.

Is there a bugtracker?

Yes, there is. If you are interested in beta testing the application, just write me an email svensommerfeld1982(at) and I’ll create a bugtracker account for you.

I hope you’ll join me in the beta testing phase!

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